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Our name says it all! We pride ourselves on setting our standards high. We work with only the finest high class mature escort women in London, and they have all been through a careful interviewing and selection process. The courtesans that we represent are experienced, professional and sophisticated. No ditzy 22 year olds here! As you will also see, our mature women are also gorgeous, glamorous and sexy as hell. So you can be sure that whether meeting for a brief date, over dinner, or for a longer time together, your hot female companion will be able to cater to all of your desires and needs.

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We cater for the selective and sophisticated gentleman who is looking for the very best companionship from their mature ladies in London. Our clients know what they want and look to spend time with sophisticated women who know how to deliver it with style and grace. All of our beautiful ladies have been carefully selected through our recruiting process to ensure that they possess not just the looks, but also the attitude and style that makes a successful companion for demanding gentlemen. Most are experienced London escorts, but some found their way into the courtesan lifestyle later in life – and took to it with relish! At London Mature Escorts, we take pride in our service and professionalism.

Your calls will be answered in English, and if you email us it will be answered promptly and courteously. Apparently that cannot be said of everyone’s service! If you are a first-time client, either of us or of any service in this area, we will be delighted to talk you through the process and advise you on the best mature companion for your needs. If you have specific clothing requirements or desires for your date, please let us know and the woman of your choice will be pleased to accommodate you from their extensive wardrobes! Whether you want your companion to meet you very casually dressed in jeans, or in a sexy and glamorous “clubbing” outfit; or you have a yearning for high heels and sexy designer lingerie – or even something a bit spicier – your mature date in London will deliver. Did we get you interested? You can book an escort women here.

All of our women treat their profession seriously and take exceptional care of their figures and appearance at all times, so whether you spend only an hour with them or several days you can be sure of a spectacular experience. We offer a companionship and introduction service. Each of our ladies is an independent professional courtesan. Any fees paid for any meeting arranged by us are solely for companionship and time, not for sexual services. Any sexual activity that does take place is between consenting adults and is not part of the introduction service offered by us. Here you can find more details about our rates and terms.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

I just wanted to thank the team of Mature Escorts London for an amazing experience. On the 24th of July I was in the area of South Kensington because I had a few appointments as well as a business dinner.

Since my wife and I recently split up, I wondered if it might be a good idea to take an escort with me because I didn't want to show up alone. After comparing lots of different escorts on various sites, I ended up booking Amanda, which happens to be in the South Kensington area.

She was dressed well and appropriately and I was amazed at her intelligence, open-mindedness and lots of other attributes that made her a great companion for the evening. She even received lots of compliments from my business partners which was humbling.

Of course after dinner we had some great time as well and I still catch myself now and then when my thoughts wander back to her...I will most likely visit her soon again since I had a fantastic time. Thank you for a great experience!

Jason P.

Emilia...Wow wow wow. Unreal. Fabulous company, sensational. Love to meet her again to show her more fab restaurants and nightlife. She totally killed the "Not English" Myth. Amazing evening. Thanks. xxx


I just wanted to send in a quick testimonial because I'm so fascinated by this woman and she deserves good words...Diana! She was the bomb. We met on the 13th of June this year near Sloane Square, not too far away from where I live. It was a Friday evening and a pretty rainy night so we got into a club together and enjoyed some good conversations and drinks.

She was a fascinating person to talk to and had a lot of experiences to share. I didn't think I would start caring so much about someone. Later that night we ended up going to my house and well, it was one of the best nights I've had. Diana is experienced in all forms of sexual play you could imagine.

I definitely plan to visit her regularly now, assuming she is free because I found that she is booked quite frequently. And for good reason I might say. The only reason I gave 4.5 instead of 5 stars is the price but well, for someone with class and caliber it is absolutely worth it.

Pedro S.

Emilia is absolutely gorgeous and wonderful. Not only from an intellectual point of view...she is so much more than just "a having fun companion ". Exactly what I was always looking for. Many thanks for allowing me to spend such a memorable time with such a perfect woman.

Peter F.

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What makes mature women so special?

What is it about a mature woman that seems to draw in men? After all, the old stereotype was that guys of any age should be seeking out young, hot women who exude sexual vitality from their pores. There was the thought that they would not be encumbered by the trappings that tie down the older members of their sex, such as careers, children, families, etcetera. The thinking was that a “young hottie” would only want to do a handful of things – eat, fuck, go out and have fun, and then repeat.

However, we are now seeing a culture shift. Suddenly, mature ladies are a hot commodity. Look at the new vernacular that has crept into our language. Twenty years ago, no one knew what the acronym “MILF” meant. Nowadays, probably 75% of men you survey can tell you exactly what each letter stands for. Not only has the descriptive word “cougar” entered our lexicon, but women who claim that title have their own fan websites. What gives?

It comes down to two variables – confidence and experience.

More mature ladies know what they want out of life, and have done what is necessary on their own to get those things. They are not looking at men as crutches or places for support. Mature women have taken the steps to care for themselves, and want companionship for the physical and emotional benefits it provides.

As for experience, let’s do a quick logic game (or go find someone of the right age who can answer this question for you): as a sex partner, were you better in bed in your early 20’s, or in your 40’s? I’ll bet anything that you say you are better in your later years. Why? It all comes down to experience! You know more, you have experienced more, and you are more confident in experimenting with new things in bed. So why would more mature women not be the same? They just know more, know how to please a man, and are willing to put those skills on display.

Mature women versus mature ladies

Is there really a difference? To the knowing, the answer is “of course!”

It’s pretty simple, actually. Think of “mature women” as that large subset of the entire population that comprises females over the age of 35 up to 70. That is a pretty big group. It includes some very glamorous women – Sandra Bullock, Jenna Jameson, and Sofia Veraga, just to name a few examples. It also includes women who can be best described by one adjective – “nightmarish.” You know exactly what I am talking about. It is that 45 year old woman you see in the grocery store who weighs 300 pounds, she hasn’t used make-up since Bill Clinton was president, her grocery cart is filled with frozen pizzas and Coca-Cola, and those sweatpants she is wearing look like they were washed at the last change of the seasons.

So what are those traits that set a “mature lady” apart from a “mature woman”? First is the quality of self-respect. A mature lady from our escort service London takes care of herself. She watches what she eats and does not poison her body with junk. She pretties herself up not only for that special person in her life, but for all the world to see so the public can take in her beauty as well. Even when she is wearing a tee shirt and jeans, they rest on her body in such a way that they accentuate her curves.

Next, a mature lady exudes confidence. She knows not only what she wants from people in her life, but she knows what she has to offer to the world, and is not afraid to offer it under the right conditions. Finally, a mature lady is cultured. This does not mean that she has to be knowledgeable of all worldly affairs. Instead, it means that a mature lady knows how to engage others and hold their interest. When you decide to engage one of the Mature Escorts of London, you can be assured that she will be the definition of “mature ladies.” She will turn heads in any setting.